Greater visibility. Greater control.
Greater peace of mind.

Industrial Strength, Studio-Grade Security Without Sacrifice.

Configurable password policies with Single Sign On (SSO) options and Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) support.

Multi-encryption salt and hash protection to maintain password security.

Data and content protection with immutable logging for audit and visibility.

Managing who-sees-what has never been easier.

Powerful access controls ensure the right people can see what they need to, when they need to.

Easily manage users and groups. Control responsibilities and access at role, project, file, status, category or region level.

Maintain privacy and protect sensitive information by controlling which users are visible to each other.

Go beyond file and folder sharing. Control access at the metadata level, making every piece of data in the system a potential access control. Minimize the burden on the uploader and increase precision and relevance of access to a diverse group of users.

Content protection
that goes above and beyond.

CORE by 5th Kind gives you the built-in security to collaborate, share and distribute assets, where and how you need to, across any device.

Secure distribution support with the ability to customize watermarking, set pdf passwords, enforce start and end dates & times, choose outbound video codec and image formats.

Offers secure HTTPS access using SSL/TLS.

Built-in firewalls including Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) subnet control.

All video uses an encrypted HDS/HLS stream and are watermarked on the fly.

Custom watermarking based on the type of use or role:

Send files with visible watermarking for videos, while applying additional forensic watermarking on images and documents.
Review files in the system with individualized, on-the-fly watermarking on videos, images and documents.
Define watermarking parameters based on role.

Tested. Re-tested. And re-re-tested.

Reviewed and approved by some of the most discerning media companies in the world.

Third party penetration tested.

Third party source code reviewed.

Application level and server level intrusion detection systems and honeypots.

DDoS protection at multiple layers.

Security measures are in place to prevent XSS, CSRF and SQL injection attack vectors.

Best practices are our standard practice.

Authentication is based on latest OWASP standards to ensure personal information is protected and the integrity of authentication is maintained.

Aligned with MPAA security guidelines.

5th Kind employs Continuous Integration with an Agile Development Methodology.

Our partners
are the best of the best.

Constantly monitored. Constantly improved.


up time.




Continuously monitored for security and performance.


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